Castle Rock Washington Rally

Castle Rock Washington Rally


June 16-20, 2014 

Make your plans now to be a part of this exciting rally. Tiffin Allegro Club in cooperation with Poulsbo RV look forward to sharing this beautiful area with you.  Nestled in the shadow of Mount St. Helens, Castle Rock, Washington will be the setting of our third Tiffin Allegro Club rally of 2014.

Toutle River RV Resort will host our get-together at their beautiful campground located along the banks of the Toutle River and Interstate 5 in southern Washington.  Check-in will be Monday, June 16, 2014 with all planned activities ending Thursday evening, June 19th.Move out will be Friday, June 20th.  Check out this gorgeous location at for pictures and more information.

Castle Rock is located south of Seattle and north of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge area.  Be sure to allow time for a side trip to this area either pre or post rally.  Jaw-dropping waterfalls and the magnificent Mt. Hood are sights not to be missed.  Also, Castle Rock is considered the gateway for visitors to Mount St. Helens.  One of Mount St. Helens’ visitor’s centers is located only a few miles from the campground.

Your rally fee includes full hook ups with 50 amp electric, water and sewer for four nights. At our rally you will be treated to delicious meals at the resort’s large covered pavilion, informative seminars and terrific entertainment.  We are planning lots of games and fun activities.   Come meet other Tiffin owners and enjoy the fellowship!

Tiffin Motorhomes and Poulsbo RV technicians will be available for minor repairs on your coach throughout the rally.   Several representatives from Tiffin Motorhomes will also be present.   Poulsbo RV and many of their staff will be on hand with a selection of beautiful new Tiffin coaches for your inspection.  Come see the “all new” Allegro Bus which was completely redesigned for 2014.

 The 2014 Phaeton features heated tile floors, a larger 8.9 ISL engine with increased horsepower and torque and the 2014 Allegro Open Road with outside TV, multiplex wiring, Thermofoil insulation package and much, much more!!  These coaches and others will be available for your viewing during the rally.

An application for this exciting rally can be found at the end of this email.  Don’t delay in getting your application mailed in.  We haven’t hosted a rally in this area in several years and our rallies usually sell-out well before the deadline.  We have a limited number of sites available so don’t take a chance on being shut out!  Get your application in today!  We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Castle Rock!!


PO Box 1429, 902A GATES street • RED BAY, AL • 35582

Phone: 256 356-8522 • Fax: 256 356-9746 •


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Welcome Chapter #216 Rough 2 B Us Allegros!

The Allegro Club would like to welcome it’s newest chapter! The Rough 2 B Us Allegros, Chapter #216. They are located in the Eastern Bay Area of California. The chapter will meet the third weekend of each month. If you’re living in or travel to the Bay area and are a Tiffin owner you can join this new chapter by contacting President Wade Garbers


Ph: 209-763-2803

Pictured below is the entire group and then the officers.

Displaying DSCN3948.JPGDisplaying DSCN3950.JPG

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A Root’n Toot’n Good Time in Borrego Springs California

The Sun Diego Allegros, Chapter 115 visited Borrego Springs in California and stayed at the Palm Canyon RV Resort.  The theme for the camp out “was cowboys and this was also the  decor at  Palm Canyon RV Resort!  They had a terrific blown up poster  on the wall of the old gun slingers from a Life or Look magazine article, “all on the draw” in their hotel lobby. Flashbacks of Maverick , Wagontrain,  Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Cheyenne.” Reporter Victoria Scott said “on Saturday, we felt right at home traipsing around in pointed toed boots, cowboy hats and mustaches!”

Palm CanyonShe goes on to report that “the RV park is under new management and their chapter would recommend the park to other groups, the management was accommodating . They were just all very new to the whole RV park thing.  They realized their shortcomings and were willing to work with us.” If you’re planning a rally with your chapter it’s a good idea to take note of new ownership or management of resorts or parks. The Sun Diego Allegros did run into a bit of payment issues from the new management, but they were fixed.

Victoria goes on to  say that “the small dining room is limited but the food is good, a little pricey,  but the quantity is generous and they’ll get you whatever you want if you can flag them down.  Again the decor is eye catching and fun, all old Western style throughout the property. Somebody said they put 5 million dollars into the project!

The group traveled S22  “You get the turns over within 7 miles of 20 mph slow driving.  It is not a road you go fast on and it is not a road you drive on in the dark.  It is desert out there and the street lights are somewhere else in San Diego county. It is only 2 hours from the east county and 2 1/2 hours from San Diego.  Most of us drove through Ramona, Santa Ysabel , Ranchita and then Borrego.  That was the easiest  route.”

The men and women of the Sun Diego Allegros enjoyed their” Thursday evening [quietly] with some  of the couples having dinner at  their rigs. The ladies, got hooked [on a game] called Prospect 20, a card game. A couple of the guys had a  bonding Angus burger over at the Western style dining room. The wives were engrossed in finding 4 of a kind or 7  of the same color.   Cares were tossed to the desert winds.   Yes, there were winds!  Whoooosh!

Friday was a SHORT drive to the State Park museum where [they] learned some geology of the area and watched a short film.  Borrego means sheep in Spanish and the land  in Borrego was formed by the silting up of the disappearing Colorado River.  It’s the old delta.

They enjoyed the Palo Verde’s yellow blooms and some of the early ocotillo blooming on the nature walk.  The cactus were beautiful, for those of who appreciate cactus.  The bike riders were out Friday also,  some others drove  to town. That’s in the opposite direction from the state park store. You really can’t get lost in Borrego.   It has one main street.

Saturday morning breakfast got [everyone] started with lots of danish, monkey bread, yogurt and toast and hard boiled eggs.  The waffles would have been good but [they] witnessed the decline and crash of the much used waffle maker.  One member got one waffle and then the machine bleeped, broke an arm, and lost a ball bearing and that was it,

A few of the members enjoyed golfing at Roadrunner par 3 golf course. The course at Roadrunner goes through the neighborhood and  is very green and manicured. Others say they drove to town for lunch and shopping. There was is a strip mall area called Christmas Circle where people could shop also. “

Saturday night “was delicious and entertaining” as most everyone dressed up and wore fake mustaches. They took photos and enjoyed each others fun costumes with fringed vests, cowboy hats and even a fun old style photo.

Members “John and Sheri went all out when it came to decorating.  There was fake barbed wire in the centerpiece of each table and mason jar lights and sheriff badgers for all to wear. [They] had decorated the walls  with Western insignia and goo gaaaws and geehaws.

The barbecued tri tip roast was tender and tasty.  [They] discussed hard tack but chapter member Judy brought Texas toast, a  better plan. Member Connie brought a great German potato salad. Other member brought a homemade apple crockpot  desert that was mouth melting, cherry pie. and bread pudding.

Sunday morning  rolled around and it was time to go.  Everyone enjoyed Palm Desert and the beautiful scenery of Borrego Springs.”  Reporter Victoria Scotts says “the metal sculptures of prehistoric creatures were the only things I missed  seeing.  Maybe we will see them on the next trip in November to The Springs, a well known RV resort at the other end of town.  Let’s hear it now, YEE HAWW!!”

Sun Diego Allegros Contact Information for anyone interested in joining the amazing Allegro Club chapter.

Meeting Weekend: 3rd
President: Jack Keilman
Phone: 619-749-8839

Find out more about the Palm Canyon RV Resort


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Castle Rock Washington Rally Update

The Allegro Club wishes to thank everyone who has registered for our summer Castle Rock Washington Rally in June, it is now sold out. We will continue to take names to place on a waiting list in case we have members cancel.

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Farewell “Red.”

10007306_10152277797277649_270197229_oToday we hang a wreath in memory of Floyd “Red” Davis. He passed away this morning at the age of 87. “Red” was the first tour guide at Tiffin Motorhomes. He was well known in Red Bay and loved by everyone. After “Red’s” retirement from leading tours he remained a greeter for as long as his health would allow him. He shook every persons hand that came in and gave them a happy, hearty welcome and smile.

He enjoyed telling stories about Red Bay to guests touring the factory and genuinely cared about the company and people visiting. He had seen a lot of changes over his lifetime in Red Bay and new a great deal of wonderful history to share with people as they came through, making Tiffin tours extra special for everyone.

Everyone at Tiffin Motorhomes and Allegro Club are saddened by the loss of our dear friend. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. Farewell “Red,” we will miss you and we love you.




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Dry Camping in Quartzsite

Our Allegro Club Chapters offer wonderfully detailed reports on places they visit, so much so that it’s easier to let them do the talking. This article comes from Victoria Scott of Chapter 155: Sun Diego Allegros. There’s really nothing to add to this fine report on Dry Camping in Quartzsite Arizona. It’s very informative and interesting and offers a great deal of insight to area and dry camping.

Quartzsite!  Why do you go to Quartzsite in your motorhome and dry camp?

The people in the following pictures seem to be having a good time so there must be SOMETHING to this Quartzsite thing.  It is a challenge to see how your rig will work without hookups.  You can live comfortably with your rig, using your invertor, house batteries, and generator.

They work together to keep your food cold, your cooking needs met, and your bodies clean, warm, cool and comfortable. You can even watch TV!!  But you have to learn how your individual  coach works.  This is where the other club members come in handy and then with joint information,  problems are usually solved easily.

Quartzsite, Arizona is the town that formed at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Arizona State road 95. The Gem show and the RV show are the two shows that draw thousands to Quartzsite.  After they are over, the town turns back to its quiet snow bird status. By February 18th,  the crowds are gone.

We park for free on the BLM land 5 miles out of town where there is lots of room but no hook ups. There is a two week limit.  There are hook up sites on BLM land too but there is also a charge for them.  There are places to dump your sewage in town for a fee, trash dumps for a fee, and  and there are places to fill up with water for a fee.  There is also a service that will come to your campsite to pick up trash,  or sewage or fill your water tank, all for a fee. Quartzsite has RV parks with full hook ups in the city, Scenic Road RV Park and Quail Run are two good ones.  We have not heard of any bad ones.

Nine rigs met at our same camping spot.  We have done this for three years. The food is always good.  Try the Family Diner (painted green), Sweet Darlene’s, and Silly Al’s (the pizza place).  The food is small town style and very refreshing.  Silly Al’s pizza crust  is fabulously home made, which is a wonderful surprise.

Linda K. and John Taylor  enjoyed driving the fancy silver truck to Yuma for lunch and shopping at the Cracker Barrel.  Yes Elisabeth, Linda took care of John.  Saturday night  is our turn to cook, this time a pot luck with plenty of food to go around with wagon master Dave’s organization.

When everyone contributes their camping gear, we enjoy a comfortable meal with grills, pop ups, wings, tables, tablecloths, chairs, trash cans,   lanterns. and propane heaters.  This being a no host camp out, everyones’ participation made it successful.  Can you tell the new dry campers from the “old” ones?  Everyone has questions.

We could be seen for miles  every night , our blazing fire per the Worleys and  the Scott’s pickup truck.  Sitting around the fire, Patsy’s tempting  cookies and tiny candy bars added to gazing at the stars through Dave’s telescope,  The nebula were waving at us!!

Hey!  There is shopping in Quartzsite!  The vendors are busy selling hardware items,  clothing, jewelry and grocery staples in  partial quanset huts.  It always reminds me of half Big Lots and half Del Mar Fair. Looking for crocheted jewelry and hair and eye glass holders?  They have it all!

There is also an 18 hole golf course.  Yes, Dick Rogers, Cindy and I can play golf in the sand!  Really!  The hard packed sand and always present bushes and dry gullies make this a memorable course.

The course has a flag for every hole and a sign and rug on the every tee box.  No confusion about where to go. An orange or  yellow ball is easy to see.  Also the old steel shafted clubs work better in  all the dirt and rocks.

Mexican train and  the card game Phase 1 are always on JoAnne’s list of fun things to do.  Did I say that!!! There is a great following to the games,  they always appease at the campouts. Flying airplanes, drones and tweaking solar cells on his power wagon kept Butch, Tom and John Wencel busy .

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