Allegro Club Membership and Visiting Our Offices

Free membership to the Allegro Club is a great benefit included with the purchase of a brand new Tiffin coach. Membership is 100% free for the first year.  If you have not received your new member package, name badges, etc. within 4-6 weeks from your date of purchase, please contact the club at 256-356-8522 or to check for address errors, etc.  We want you to begin receiving your club benefits immediately!

Also, if you visit the Red Bay area, please come in our club office to say “Hello!”  We have a comfortable waiting area, TV, free wi-fi and would love to chat over a cup of coffee with you!  We also offer a large variety of clothing, coffee mugs and travel items in our Tiffin Allegro Store. Our club office is conveniently located near the Tiffin campground and service center. We have a wide variety of brochures describing things to see and do in the Red Bay area and we’re always happy to share our firsthand experiences.

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