CAR Chapter 135 February Newsletter


New members Dale & Barbara Smith did a great job on their first time as wagon masters with the guidance of Bill & Margaret Bachman.

There were 16 coaches (one of them a S. O. B. and 3 of them guests with Tiffin coaches.

Jackson Rancheria is a very nice campground and reasonable with $35 a night fee. They offer free coffee, tea & popcorn.

The weather was nice and we were able to see stars without any city lights blocking the view.

Friday, Travis from the Biggest Little Kitchen Store did a presentation of kitchen items.

Saturday we had pancakes, bacon, fried eggs & fruit & yogurt.

Saturday dinner was chili verde, rice, Portuguese beans, tortillas, salads, beets, chips, guacamole and great assortment of desserts.

Barbara had a good craft of making decorated tissue holders.





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