Chapter #181, January Meeting, Pelican Allegros of Louisiana


Whoee  we passed a good time.  Dem folks at Bella Terra are really good folks with a nice place to roost with plenty of feeding areas.  In fact, this letter is late because this ol’ bird stayed an extra week to enjoy the area .  We had great attendance this weekend with thirteen coaches all arriving by Thursday afternoon.  The attendees were the Boreys, Browers, Calhouns, Cheramies, Darbonnes, Holliers, Lams, Louvieres, Miesches, Robichauxs, Swansons, Trahans and our guest Sterling “Penny” and Emily Robichaux.

Thursday afternoon we got together to reconnect with friends and enjoy many fabulous dishes.  Many thanks to all the cooks for those delicious goodies.  Friday we went in separate directions from the outlet malls to the beaches.  Yes, you read right, even though it was quite chilly some took a waddle on the beach.  That night we all met at Acme Oyster House to stuff our bills with great seafood of all kind.  We waddled back to Bella Terra, being too heavy to fly, to roost.  Mon Cherie if you’re ever in the area stop there for a great feast.

Saturday morning, we held our meeting and  Dwight called the meeting to order with there being no old business or any new business to discuss.  Our Wagon Mistress went over the 2016 schedule of outings which are listed below.  Of note there will be two extended trips this year –  one in April to Sevierville, TN and the other to Kerrville, TX in October.  Saturday night we got together for another delicious feast prepared by our fellow members.  Some cooked steaks on the grill while others enjoyed the warmth of the fire pit.

Sunday morning we said our good byes as everyone headed in all directions to visiting Mickey or heading home.  We missed those of you who could not make it and hope your health and other issues allow you to join us next time.  Til we meet again.


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