Rough-2-B-Us December Outing Report

What better way to end the year by RV’ing with friends who have the same passion.

Our December outing took place at Riverpoint RV Park and Marina in Stockton, California. This park is actually located right on the San Joaquin River. We backed into our place, but had we thought about it, we would have pulled in forward to take advantage of the view. During our stay we saw two HUGE cargo ships traveling up the river and when you are that close you appreciate the grandeur of their size.

The RV park itself is rather small as is the clubhouse. We had fourteen in our group and that was max in the clubhouse as far as I was concerned. There is outdoor space and during the summer that would be fine as the weather is warm to hot then, but in December it was cold and foggy!

Most of us arrived on Thursday, the 30th and that night we all went out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. This was a short drive from the park. Back toward Interstate 5.

Friday morning we all had breakfast on Craig and Vicki’s yacht. They came to the outing in their “water yacht” as opposed to their “land yacht”! The docks are located right at the park.

After breakfast we all decided to go bowing. It had been years since most of us had bowled. Of course it was boys against girls. They (the boys) won the first game, but we were all warmed up by then and took the second. Actually pretty fun and so stylish in our rented bowling shoes! Back to the rigs for nap time so we can make it to midnight.. actually California midnight! I am proud to say we all made it. That is two years in a row. We are on a roll.

Games and laughter and of course FOOD were abundant that night.

New Years Day we watched some of the bowl games and just chilled. We are so good at relaxing.

Most left Saturday morning. Some stayed till Sunday.

All left with good memories.

The park itself is probably a six on a scale of 10. It was clean, but the hook ups do not include sewer. There is a “dump station” at the park so as you leave that is your chore. No fifty amp hookups, no propane available.

Our cost was $39.00 per night and one couple who cancelled about a week or so before the outing, were still charged even though the lady at the office said it was only a 48 hour notice required. Because the park is so far from the freeway, it is very quiet and the serenity of the river is appealing. No dog park per say, but lots of area to walk the dogs and there is a city park right next to the RV park. The park is gated, so after hours you need your “code” to get thru the gate. Easy to get to from the freeway, (Interstate 5).

As usual, an awesome weekend. Out next outing in tentatively scheduled in July in Reno.

It is Rough-2-B-Us!

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