Registration Reminder: Rock Springs, WY Tiffin Rally

We are ready to host another great summer rally!

This is just a reminder that the Rock Springs, WY Tiffin rally goes on sale Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time. A description of the rally can be found at

The Rock Springs rally registration form does not appear until exactly 11:00 AM CENTRAL STANDARD time on February 19th on the Tiffin Motorhomes website. Because the Tiffin Rallies are selling out quickly, we recommend you visit the Tiffin website and familiarize yourself with the layout prior to the opening time.

To register for the rally, click the link to open the registration form and start typing. You will need the following information:

Select One: Tiffin RV with Two People $499.00 or Tiffin RV with One Person $399.00
Number of additional guests in coach @ $150 per person
Total # of people in the RV
Tiffin Allegro Club Membership #
Name of Passenger 1
Name of Passenger 2
Primary Cell Phone #
Secondary Phone #
Email Address
Model of Coach – use drop down box of model names
Year of Coach
Length of Coach – please just state length of your coach/not the floorplan–40 or 36 or 34 for example
First Tiffin Rally? Yes or No
Handicap Section Requested? Yes or No

Click SUBMIT and the PayPal page will open for payment. Wait for it! Sign-in to your PayPal account or click at the bottom of the page to pay as a GUEST using your credit card.

The registration company (Wufoo, Inc.) counts the rally registrations as they receive them online, not when you click SUBMIT. When the maximum number of registrations are received, the registration link is automatically closed and you will receive a message saying the rally is full. If you see this message, go immediately to the wait list and add your name. Internet speed greatly affects how fast your registration form is received by Wufoo. We strongly suggest you go to an area with a strong, reliable internet.

If you make an error when registering, DON’T TRY to GO BACK as the website may lock you out and you miss the opportunity to register. Submit your form and call us at the Tiffin Allegro Club office at 256-356-8522 to correct any errors.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please call the Tiffin Allegro Club office prior to trying to register. Good luck and we hope to see you in Rock Springs!


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