Video Tribute in the Works

Hello friends!

Many of you have attended our Tiffin rallies and know that we love to salute our veterans and first responders on opening night of the rally.  We are working with Mike and Sarah Getto to produce a high quality, tribute video to use as a part of the program. 

We are asking for photographs of veterans and first responders to be used in the video.  We need dress uniforms, action shots, casual photos, video clips, etc.  The items need to be as high quality as possible so they will reproduce well in the video.  Photos can be of you or your family members.  Sending us your photos gives us permission to duplicate them in the video and show the video at future rallies.  We need a great many photos to make this video so please participate and send us lots of pictures – don’t be modest and only send one!

Please either send duplicate photos (that will not be returned) or scanned copies of your photos.   Do not send originals!   Email files to or mail duplicates to Tiffin Allegro Club, 902A Gates St, Red Bay, AL  35582.

Deadline for submissions is July 3, 2020 so we have ample time to create this wonderful video!

I know many of you have questions about our fall rallies in Arizona.  We will make a decision about these rallies in late July/early August.  We are anxious to be back out with everyone, but we also want everyone to be safe.  Take care and have a wonderful summer!!

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