Shop Early For Christmas!

Whom do you have on your Christmas list that is hard to shop for?  Who is downsizing and spending more & more time in their Tiffin rig?    Who loves their Tiffin coach?  We can help your shopping needs!

The Tiffin Allegro Club has a great selection of Tiffin polos, jackets, caps and other logo items for those on your “hard to shop for” Christmas list.  You can view our current merchandise online at

However, we are not Amazon!  We cannot get the merchandise to you overnight because we do not stock every color of every size in our club store.  We do not have the space.  If we have to order your item and get it embroidered, it can take two weeks.    Therefore, we have an earlier cut-off date for “in time for Christmas” deliveries.  Any orders for Christmas delivery must be placed by Thanksgiving.  If we have your size/color in stock, your order will be shipped immediately.  Gift certificates are also available.

Start early and let us help you with your Christmas shopping!  Place your order by calling 256-356-8522 or email order to  Give us a call Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Central Time.

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