Rough-2-B-Us December Outing Report

What better way to end the year by RV’ing with friends who have the same passion.

Our December outing took place at Riverpoint RV Park and Marina in Stockton, California. This park is actually located right on the San Joaquin River. We backed into our place, but had we thought about it, we would have pulled in forward to take advantage of the view. During our stay we saw two HUGE cargo ships traveling up the river and when you are that close you appreciate the grandeur of their size.

The RV park itself is rather small as is the clubhouse. We had fourteen in our group and that was max in the clubhouse as far as I was concerned. There is outdoor space and during the summer that would be fine as the weather is warm to hot then, but in December it was cold and foggy!

Most of us arrived on Thursday, the 30th and that night we all went out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. This was a short drive from the park. Back toward Interstate 5.

Friday morning we all had breakfast on Craig and Vicki’s yacht. They came to the outing in their “water yacht” as opposed to their “land yacht”! The docks are located right at the park.

After breakfast we all decided to go bowing. It had been years since most of us had bowled. Of course it was boys against girls. They (the boys) won the first game, but we were all warmed up by then and took the second. Actually pretty fun and so stylish in our rented bowling shoes! Back to the rigs for nap time so we can make it to midnight.. actually California midnight! I am proud to say we all made it. That is two years in a row. We are on a roll.

Games and laughter and of course FOOD were abundant that night.

New Years Day we watched some of the bowl games and just chilled. We are so good at relaxing.

Most left Saturday morning. Some stayed till Sunday.

All left with good memories.

The park itself is probably a six on a scale of 10. It was clean, but the hook ups do not include sewer. There is a “dump station” at the park so as you leave that is your chore. No fifty amp hookups, no propane available.

Our cost was $39.00 per night and one couple who cancelled about a week or so before the outing, were still charged even though the lady at the office said it was only a 48 hour notice required. Because the park is so far from the freeway, it is very quiet and the serenity of the river is appealing. No dog park per say, but lots of area to walk the dogs and there is a city park right next to the RV park. The park is gated, so after hours you need your “code” to get thru the gate. Easy to get to from the freeway, (Interstate 5).

As usual, an awesome weekend. Out next outing in tentatively scheduled in July in Reno.

It is Rough-2-B-Us!

Chapter #181, January Meeting, Pelican Allegros of Louisiana


Whoee  we passed a good time.  Dem folks at Bella Terra are really good folks with a nice place to roost with plenty of feeding areas.  In fact, this letter is late because this ol’ bird stayed an extra week to enjoy the area .  We had great attendance this weekend with thirteen coaches all arriving by Thursday afternoon.  The attendees were the Boreys, Browers, Calhouns, Cheramies, Darbonnes, Holliers, Lams, Louvieres, Miesches, Robichauxs, Swansons, Trahans and our guest Sterling “Penny” and Emily Robichaux.

Thursday afternoon we got together to reconnect with friends and enjoy many fabulous dishes.  Many thanks to all the cooks for those delicious goodies.  Friday we went in separate directions from the outlet malls to the beaches.  Yes, you read right, even though it was quite chilly some took a waddle on the beach.  That night we all met at Acme Oyster House to stuff our bills with great seafood of all kind.  We waddled back to Bella Terra, being too heavy to fly, to roost.  Mon Cherie if you’re ever in the area stop there for a great feast.

Saturday morning, we held our meeting and  Dwight called the meeting to order with there being no old business or any new business to discuss.  Our Wagon Mistress went over the 2016 schedule of outings which are listed below.  Of note there will be two extended trips this year –  one in April to Sevierville, TN and the other to Kerrville, TX in October.  Saturday night we got together for another delicious feast prepared by our fellow members.  Some cooked steaks on the grill while others enjoyed the warmth of the fire pit.

Sunday morning we said our good byes as everyone headed in all directions to visiting Mickey or heading home.  We missed those of you who could not make it and hope your health and other issues allow you to join us next time.  Til we meet again.


Rio Bend Sun Diego Allegros Report

Rio Bend is a very nice older California RV park, one hour west of El Centro and two hours east of San Diego. It has a golf course, lunch café for the golfers, a dinner dining room for the campers and a great pool and lounge area. At night, the pool area is used for a live band. In the day they have activities and classes at their center. It is also a community gathering place for the agricultural town of Seely I think. They have a great exercise room and very nice bathrooms. They have a large group camping area with a tent camping kitchen in the center.

Canadians snowbirds escaping their harsh winters make up about half of the visitors at Rio Bend. It looked like it would be a great place to go to get away from the snow. There are also small motorhome sized houses to rent.

Our club has come here at least three out of the six years that we have been members. January 21st was the Rio Bend campout for the San Diego Allegros. The Barbers had planned it carefully and unfortunately had to back out at the last minute. Jerry and Claudia were in Quartzsite and got food poisoning, which made it impossible to drive or do anything else. Stay well Barber’s. Don’t get sick again. There were no refunds. So on Thursday, we the three couples who arrived in motorhomes early started to figure out what we would do with a cancelled host and three other cancelled rigs.

After emailing the other members it was decided we would do all the cooking and have a successful camp out by feeding everyone and not having to go out to dinner. I must say we all did a great job, working together to produce a relaxing, fun weekend. We made over $50 for the club in the nag and brag and 50/50 tickets and laughed a lot.

The Rindones invited their son Dave and his children Riley and Haley, who were really a delight. Dave got to play golf with Jack and Neil and the children entertained themselves on their scooters all weekend. We kept busy on our weekend. The Mexican train domino game came out and the rip roaring participants had a great time. There was also book reading, flute practicing and of course the always present Dear Butch, (This Is how I fixed my motorhome’s blankety-blank), the men’s club meeting. Then someone snuck out to lunch on Saturday.

John and Linda drove to Yuma for the day and had lunch at the Yuma Cracker Barrel and went shopping. I saw some flashing green in peoples eyes… Cracker Barrel! Besides enjoying the sound of the Blue Angels through the skies, we were also serenaded by… some birds. Should I should I tell you about the Rio Bend gander?

According to one of the residents the original flock of ducks had just been the ordinary white ducks, some cormorants and doves. Well now a noisy Chinese gander and his lady geese have taken up residency. The gander honked all Thursday, Friday and into Saturday. Did we have to stop the business meeting because of the honking? Was he as loud as the blue Angels overhead? I did notice that Saturday afternoon it was very quiet in the park and the ducks were no place to be seen. I wondered if someone had loaded them on a truck and driven away? Ha ha, nope! They were being fed up on the water tower hill. Was this all they wanted all weekend long? Food, glorious duck food!! Sautéed Ralston Purina!!!  They were up on that hill for hours and hours eating. Then I realized the ducks were a lot like us. We were both noisy and talking all weekend long until it came time to eat. Then we were both quiet. Ha ha.

Next weekend get away is at Sweet Water Regional County Park in Bonita with the Herman and Cristina Clark. Hope to see you there.

CAR Chapter 135 February Newsletter


New members Dale & Barbara Smith did a great job on their first time as wagon masters with the guidance of Bill & Margaret Bachman.

There were 16 coaches (one of them a S. O. B. and 3 of them guests with Tiffin coaches.

Jackson Rancheria is a very nice campground and reasonable with $35 a night fee. They offer free coffee, tea & popcorn.

The weather was nice and we were able to see stars without any city lights blocking the view.

Friday, Travis from the Biggest Little Kitchen Store did a presentation of kitchen items.

Saturday we had pancakes, bacon, fried eggs & fruit & yogurt.

Saturday dinner was chili verde, rice, Portuguese beans, tortillas, salads, beets, chips, guacamole and great assortment of desserts.

Barbara had a good craft of making decorated tissue holders.





A Post from a Proud Owner : “Our fearless East coast trip in our 1983 Allegro RV.”


My name is Sabrina Pendergrast and I thought I might share with you a note about our “bucket list” trip of a lifetime that ended up including an impromptu roadside purchase of a 1983 Allegro. My Husband and I have two sons whom are both in college in Ohio, which is where we are from  and where this journey began. After much talk about “we’re going to do this, want to see that, etc.” as many people often do, We decided the timing was right for us to just do it already! We listed our home for sale, and in the same week, on a trip to the local Walmart, we came upon a big brown 1983 Allegro. $5000 or best offer the sign read. We pulled up and my husband,(much to my dismay) took a look inside and under the hood and proclaimed that “This is it! Our new home!”

We purchased it five weeks before the sale of our home. My husband and a mechanically inclined friend proceeded to go over it to make sure it would be as road ready as possible for what was to come next….A road trip that began in the northwest corner of Ohio and took us all the way into Canada and down the entire East Coast. We painted it yellow (so it would be prettier) and took to the road.


DSC03356 DSC02898













We have been to Niagara Falls, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and many other tourist destinations as well as many beautiful state parks that were unexpected stops. We have seen things that take your breath away, and were able to do so because of this 33-year-old RV that I didn’t think would make it across the street let alone 4500 miles we’ve driven so far. We have met many interesting and wonderful people along the way, many of which are driving Allegros, albeit, newer, much larger models.

When we first started out, I was embarrassed by the old girl, but I’ve since learned to be proud of her. It seems many people are smitten with this older model and  often approach us with questions and even want to see inside. They tell tales of their first RV, or how their grandparents had one just like it.


We are in Key West Florida now which is nearing the end of this journey on the East Coast. I thought that Tiffin should know that you’ve made a believer out of this former “high maintenance” broad. This is a testament to your product and to the craftsmanship, as the only thing we’ve had to replace on this entire trip so far is some old hoses, a couple of belts and three tires!


Thank you for allowing us to cash in on what most people never get around to doing, and for giving us great stories to tell the grandchildren someday when that time comes. We’ve noticed that we are always the youngest people in the park, but have the oldest RV. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thank you again,

Jason and Sabrina Pendergrast


Information for the Allegro Club. The owners' club of Tiffin Motorhomes.

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