Rio Bend Sun Diego Allegros Report

Rio Bend is a very nice older California RV park, one hour west of El Centro and two hours east of San Diego. It has a golf course, lunch café for the golfers, a dinner dining room for the campers and a great pool and lounge area. At night, the pool area is used for a live band. In the day they have activities and classes at their center. It is also a community gathering place for the agricultural town of Seely I think. They have a great exercise room and very nice bathrooms. They have a large group camping area with a tent camping kitchen in the center.

Canadians snowbirds escaping their harsh winters make up about half of the visitors at Rio Bend. It looked like it would be a great place to go to get away from the snow. There are also small motorhome sized houses to rent.

Our club has come here at least three out of the six years that we have been members. January 21st was the Rio Bend campout for the San Diego Allegros. The Barbers had planned it carefully and unfortunately had to back out at the last minute. Jerry and Claudia were in Quartzsite and got food poisoning, which made it impossible to drive or do anything else. Stay well Barber’s. Don’t get sick again. There were no refunds. So on Thursday, we the three couples who arrived in motorhomes early started to figure out what we would do with a cancelled host and three other cancelled rigs.

After emailing the other members it was decided we would do all the cooking and have a successful camp out by feeding everyone and not having to go out to dinner. I must say we all did a great job, working together to produce a relaxing, fun weekend. We made over $50 for the club in the nag and brag and 50/50 tickets and laughed a lot.

The Rindones invited their son Dave and his children Riley and Haley, who were really a delight. Dave got to play golf with Jack and Neil and the children entertained themselves on their scooters all weekend. We kept busy on our weekend. The Mexican train domino game came out and the rip roaring participants had a great time. There was also book reading, flute practicing and of course the always present Dear Butch, (This Is how I fixed my motorhome’s blankety-blank), the men’s club meeting. Then someone snuck out to lunch on Saturday.

John and Linda drove to Yuma for the day and had lunch at the Yuma Cracker Barrel and went shopping. I saw some flashing green in peoples eyes… Cracker Barrel! Besides enjoying the sound of the Blue Angels through the skies, we were also serenaded by… some birds. Should I should I tell you about the Rio Bend gander?

According to one of the residents the original flock of ducks had just been the ordinary white ducks, some cormorants and doves. Well now a noisy Chinese gander and his lady geese have taken up residency. The gander honked all Thursday, Friday and into Saturday. Did we have to stop the business meeting because of the honking? Was he as loud as the blue Angels overhead? I did notice that Saturday afternoon it was very quiet in the park and the ducks were no place to be seen. I wondered if someone had loaded them on a truck and driven away? Ha ha, nope! They were being fed up on the water tower hill. Was this all they wanted all weekend long? Food, glorious duck food!! Sautéed Ralston Purina!!!  They were up on that hill for hours and hours eating. Then I realized the ducks were a lot like us. We were both noisy and talking all weekend long until it came time to eat. Then we were both quiet. Ha ha.

Next weekend get away is at Sweet Water Regional County Park in Bonita with the Herman and Cristina Clark. Hope to see you there.

CAR Chapter 135 February Newsletter


New members Dale & Barbara Smith did a great job on their first time as wagon masters with the guidance of Bill & Margaret Bachman.

There were 16 coaches (one of them a S. O. B. and 3 of them guests with Tiffin coaches.

Jackson Rancheria is a very nice campground and reasonable with $35 a night fee. They offer free coffee, tea & popcorn.

The weather was nice and we were able to see stars without any city lights blocking the view.

Friday, Travis from the Biggest Little Kitchen Store did a presentation of kitchen items.

Saturday we had pancakes, bacon, fried eggs & fruit & yogurt.

Saturday dinner was chili verde, rice, Portuguese beans, tortillas, salads, beets, chips, guacamole and great assortment of desserts.

Barbara had a good craft of making decorated tissue holders.





A Post from a Proud Owner : “Our fearless East coast trip in our 1983 Allegro RV.”


My name is Sabrina Pendergrast and I thought I might share with you a note about our “bucket list” trip of a lifetime that ended up including an impromptu roadside purchase of a 1983 Allegro. My Husband and I have two sons whom are both in college in Ohio, which is where we are from  and where this journey began. After much talk about “we’re going to do this, want to see that, etc.” as many people often do, We decided the timing was right for us to just do it already! We listed our home for sale, and in the same week, on a trip to the local Walmart, we came upon a big brown 1983 Allegro. $5000 or best offer the sign read. We pulled up and my husband,(much to my dismay) took a look inside and under the hood and proclaimed that “This is it! Our new home!”

We purchased it five weeks before the sale of our home. My husband and a mechanically inclined friend proceeded to go over it to make sure it would be as road ready as possible for what was to come next….A road trip that began in the northwest corner of Ohio and took us all the way into Canada and down the entire East Coast. We painted it yellow (so it would be prettier) and took to the road.


DSC03356 DSC02898













We have been to Niagara Falls, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and many other tourist destinations as well as many beautiful state parks that were unexpected stops. We have seen things that take your breath away, and were able to do so because of this 33-year-old RV that I didn’t think would make it across the street let alone 4500 miles we’ve driven so far. We have met many interesting and wonderful people along the way, many of which are driving Allegros, albeit, newer, much larger models.

When we first started out, I was embarrassed by the old girl, but I’ve since learned to be proud of her. It seems many people are smitten with this older model and  often approach us with questions and even want to see inside. They tell tales of their first RV, or how their grandparents had one just like it.


We are in Key West Florida now which is nearing the end of this journey on the East Coast. I thought that Tiffin should know that you’ve made a believer out of this former “high maintenance” broad. This is a testament to your product and to the craftsmanship, as the only thing we’ve had to replace on this entire trip so far is some old hoses, a couple of belts and three tires!


Thank you for allowing us to cash in on what most people never get around to doing, and for giving us great stories to tell the grandchildren someday when that time comes. We’ve noticed that we are always the youngest people in the park, but have the oldest RV. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thank you again,

Jason and Sabrina Pendergrast


Family Members Buy RV’s At Sevierville Rally

2015-09-25 21.25.58

When Tammy and Rodney Ripley bought their first Tiffin Phaeton 2007, Tammy’s parents were so impressed with the Tiffin products that they bought a 2008 Allegro Open Road. In 2014 Tammy and Rodney decided to join the Chesapeake Allegros Camping Club. The club members told them about how great the Tiffin Rallies are so they decided to register for the Sevierville Rally held in September.

Tammy asked her parents (Paul and Nancy McGee) if they wanted to go along and they said they would like to attend. The trip started with the Chesapeake Allegros Seafood Festival Weekend at Bar Harbor RV Park in Abingdon, Maryland. From there the two couples traveled to Sevierville with a stop in Natural Bridge, Virginia to break up the trip.

On Monday, they arrived at the Tiffin Allegro Club Rally. There were a lot of Tiffin coaches set up for attendees to look through. Paul and Nancy McGee found a coach they liked even before they all made it up to the Tiffin registration table. After registering and enjoying lunch both couples started looking through all the coaches and talking with a salesman from Tennessee RV (Ronn Tritto).

After a few days of deliberation on the coaches they wanted and a lot of negotiating, both couples made a deal on a trade in and a new coach around 4:30 pm on Thursday night.  Paul and Nancy McGee bought a 2016 Allegro Open Road 36LA, Rodney and Tammy bought a 2016 Phaeton 40AH.  Friday brought a day of paperwork; walk through on the coaches and transferring all of their items from their coaches to the new coaches.  After a few glitches and repairs taken care of, both couples (parents and daughter and son in law) drove off the lot with new Tiffin Motorhomes. They stopped again at the Natural Bridge KOA this time with newer coaches than they had a week ago.

Thank you to Tiffin for the great rally and to Tennessee RV for hooking us up with our new coaches.

The McGees and the Ripleys


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Spring is here and chapters are out and about enjoying their beautiful Tiffin coaches.  Below are some rally recaps and interesting places to visit.  Perhaps you will learn of something fun and interesting to add to your next rally!

New Mexico – Zia Allegros

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all are having a nice spring.

Our April Rally was held at Lady Bird Johnson’s RV Park in
Fredericksburg, Texas.  George and Pam Raney were our Rally Masters.  They did a great job, Pam outdid herself with our wonderful welcome evening dinner.  She made BBQ Pork, Mac N Cheese, beans, slaw, apple salad and 3 homemade pies for dessert.  Yummy, thank you Pam for all your hard work.

Those who attended were the Barbers, their friends the Fords, Boyadjians, Eckels, friends of Hoffmans, Harrisons, Holmes, Twinings and of course our hosts, the Raneys.

On Thursday several golfed, others went into town and shopped or just looked around.  Then we all had dinner at Andy’s Restaurant.

Friday some couples went for a ride to see the beautiful Bluebonnets and other wildflowers, or to the LBJ Summer Whitehouse Ranch.  That night some went out for pizza.

Saturday the golfers went again and that night we had dinner at Auslander German Restaurant and onto the Rock Box Theater to see Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Aretha Franklin and George Strait impersonators.  What a great show and John Barber was such a great sport to get up on stage with Marilyn.

Saturday we had the pleasure of being entertained by some airplanes from the World War II era that were flying at the airport near the RV Park.  It was quite a show.

Sunday some went to church, that afternoon we went to Luckenbach to enjoy some Texas music.   There is so much to do in the area.

Monday more golf and a potluck.  We had so much good food and fellowship.

The Holmes had to leave Monday.  Tuesday the Boyadjians, Barbers and Fords left.  That day those remaining went shopping and had lunch at Fredericksburg Brewing Co.  Dinner was at another German restaurant.  Boy, now we all need to go on a diet for sure.  After dinner we had a movie provided by Bill and Bev Eckel.

Wednesday everyone said their goodbyes.  So a big thank you to George and Pam for putting on a great Rally.

We had our club meeting Monday.  For those who know Dick and Diana Hickox, they are moving from Pagosa Springs to lower elevation for Diana’s health problem.  So they will not be with us too often.  Dick has resigned as VP of our club but Bruce Twining has stepped up till January.   Thanks, Bruce.

Our next rallies are:

June 8th – 13th takes us to Durango, CO at Alpine Rose RV Park.  If you plan on going you must make your reservations by May 8th.  If you are interested please call 970-247-5540 ASAP and be sure to let Norbert and Patsy Baca know you are coming. or call Patsy 505-459-3611

June 30th-July7th takes us to Creede, CO.  Harrisons and Hoffmans are Rally Hosts.  We are staying at the Mountain View Rivers Edge RV Resort.  Please call 719-658-2710 and ask for Helen.  Let her know you are with the Zia’s or DJ Hoffman.   It’s a beautiful area if you haven’t been. Please let DJ or Betty know you are coming. or

July 7th will take us to Pagosa Springs, CO at Wolf Creek Run RV Resort.  This will be a “NO Rally Rally” meaning no Wagon Masters and no firm agenda.   I believe we have 6 sites and so far we only know the Barber’s, Harrison’s and Hoffman’s are attending.  So if you are interested please call Diana at Wolf Creek for your reservations at 970-264-0365 let them know you are with the Zia’s.  It will be from July 7th – 11th.

August 16th –September 13th is our second “Rolling Rally” to Yellowstone, the Tetons and Rapid City, SD (Mount Rushmore).  John and Brenda Barber will be our hosts.  So far we have Baca, Barber, Halasz, Harrison, Hoffman, and Twining.  Brenda is making all of our RV Park reservations and then we are on our own.  More information to follow from Brenda.

October 7th- 14th will take us to Montrose, CO.  We will be staying at the Centennial RV Park.  Call 970-240-3832.  Bruce and Donna Twining will be our Rally Hosts.  More information will come soon.

Safe Travels,

Betty Harrison



Chapter 81, Pelican Allegros of Louisiana

Mai Cherie this ol’bird’s wings sure are sore.  As you know a number of the flock, including us, ventured off in various directions from Charleston in search of great roosting areas.  Many of us deciding that if we were already away from the nest we’d just keep the journey going and use Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort, AL as a way point on the flight home.  The early birds on Wednesday were the Holliers, Louvieres, Robichauxs and guests Lee & Anna Darbonne and Francis and Ann Brian.

Thursday the rest of the flock began arriving as the Browers, Garys, Griffins, Heberts, Lams, Mieschs, Raybons, Schnebelens, Trahans and Tregues landed after a safe flight, albeit full of those dreaded love bugs.  After ridding themselves of the black masks, some of the folks visited Fairhope and Pt. Clear to see historic homes and sites.  Late that afternoon we met to share assorted treats and stories of our journeys.

Friday dawned another beautiful day that was enjoyed by all to the fullest.  A few visited Mobile, while others continued their exploration of the East bay area or on to the west to Dauphin Island.  That evening we all gathered together at Felix’s Restaurant on Battleship Parkway near the battleship Alabama where we enjoyed many great dishes from Soft Shell Crab to Red Fish Oscar.

Our meeting Saturday morning was held under the pavilion and Dwight started the meeting with the first order of business of voting in our newest members Lee and Anna Darbonne. Stacie gave the treasury report. There were some minor corrections that were needed to members’ address/phone numbers in our membership booklet that Liz Miesch put together so if anyone has any personal information that needs to be changed in the booklet or the PALS roster, please let either Stacie or Liz know ASAP.  Debbie went over the evening’s dinner plans and the upcoming outings including those in early 2016.  It has been proposed that we look into going to the Kentucky Derby for our long trip in May 2017.  Let us know what you think.

After the meeting, most everyone went to the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL for lunch and then to either ride their bike along the coast or enjoy a beverage on the veranda while they waited for the bicyclers.   After working up an appetite, we got together to watch the Kentucky Derby and then eat a fabulous crawfish etoufee made by Glenn Hebert.   After the rainstorms of early last week, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our weekend.

Safe travels,


Listed below are the scheduled and proposed outings:

June 11-14, 2015

French Quarter RV Park New Orleans, LA

(504) 586-3000

Group Name:  Pelican Allegros of Louisiana

Thursday evening pool side for snacks, Friday at Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House, Saturday bring your own meat or whatever you want to grill by the pool.

July 9-12, 2015

Belle Terra RV Park, Gulf Shores, AL

(251) 970-2370

Speak with Courtney


Texas Bluebonnet Allegros Chapter 202 South Central Texas

Boerne Rally (pronounced Burnie for non -Texans) April 8-12, 2015

The Texas BlueBonnet Allegros rallied in Boerne, Texas May 8-12. Our beautiful Texas Bluebonnets were in bloom everywhere. There were many things to do. Members went shopping in quaint downtown Boerne. They drove around the hill country to view the Bluebonnets. Some went as far as Fredericksburg and Pipe Creek. For those that arrived early Wednesday, we went out to the Dodging Duck Brew Pub for dinner. All kinds of games were held every night in the clubhouse and most participated. We had “42”, jokers and pegs, card games and puzzles, etc.

The hosts Art & Shirley Buckert and Shirleen & Hank Smith provided a ham for the potluck on Thursday night. Friday night, the hosts put on a catered feed of brisket, sausage, smoked turkey, pinto beans, a spinach salad, and a chocolate dessert.  Saturday we held our regular business meeting, where we elected our new officers for the coming year. We followed the meeting with our usual tech talk forum discussing anything from add-ons, to things about our coaches. Afterwards many went downtown to the Saturday Market Days. Saturday evening we went to the Hungry Horse Cafe for good meals and plenty of food (which we did not need!)

Sunday saw a light breakfast and good-byes until next month at Port Aransas, Pioneer RV Park, May 13-17 although many are coming earlier.

We had members from Houston, Vidor, Victoria, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Dripping Springs, Salado and many other towns attending. 15 coaches in all!

Submitted by:

Hank Smith, reporter


Spring Campout – Zooland Campground, Asheboro, NC

Our club just returned from its first campout of 2015.  Five couples camped at the Zooland Campground in Asheboro, NC from April 8-12.  Two other couples came to the campground on Saturday to spend the day with us.

The Hales hosted a welcome “Mexican Fiesta” meal in the campground clubhouse followed by fun and socializing.  Friday saw the group splitting up with some visiting the Asheboro Zoo, others sightseeing and shopping in town, and a few lazing around the campground.  That night everyone went into town for dinner followed by bingo and card games at the clubhouse.

Saturday night was potluck at the clubhouse and all the dishes were excellent as usual including TOO MANY wonderful desserts.  Our meeting followed, then a card bingo game with two very happy winners.  We followed this with a small goodies grab bag giveaway – one per couple.  Each member was then forced into committing the crime of theft of one item from another couple’s booty pile.  A Tiffin visor became the most coveted item incurring four thefts before it finally found a home.  The grand door prize drawing won by Snow included several larger items including another Tiffin visor which made Pat Snow, an earlier visor theft victim very happy!

Sunday morning found most of us standing around saying our goodbyes and getting off to a last departure.  Hope everyone had a safe journey onward!

Chapter #_215, Peach State Allegros, Georgia

Chapter Reporter – Clint Boyd, 770-478-3613,

Tropical Palms RV Resort, Kissimmee, FL: 278 full-hookups,(202 pull-through), 30/50 Amps, heated pool, free (but weak) WiFi.  NOT recommended for chapter rallies.  Park failed to keep contract for adjoining sites.   Site maintenance was below average for a “resort”, with tree litter and ruts in overgrown grass.

We visited Capone’s Dinner and Show, Kissimmee, a buffet dinner with musical comedy show.  Service was very good and a good time was had by all.

Regarding attractions:  it’s Orlando, after all!  Disney World, Universal Studios, Atlanta Braves spring training all close by. A classic and street-rod car show was held a block from the park on Saturday.

12 coaches from the Chapter (including two first-timers) met for a weekend of camaraderie before the Allegro Club Orlando rally. Hosts Jens and Henny Christensen expertly planned several participatory meals and appetizer arrays and arranged for the group outing at Capone’s.

The group met at one especially large area between two member coaches, and did not need nor use resort facilities. A Chapter business meeting was held on Sunday morning, followed by a discussion of the route and times for getting to the Tiffin Allegro Club rally.  The group travelled independently to the Fairgrounds, met in the staging area, and entered and parked together which enhanced social gatherings of the Chapter.

Two Chapter members purchased new Tiffin coaches from La Mesa RV during the show, and many more crunched numbers at the new coach display. Kudos to the volunteers who parked us and made the Rally a success, especially for the first-time attendees.



“HE’S BACK!”  (to be Continued).*

Chris & Joan DeBar (one of 3 of our new members did a terrific job on their first time as our wagon masters!  Bill & Margaret Bachman helped them along the way.

Chris & Joan are a “Happy Go Lucky” couple.  They are retired and live in San Leandro.  They have 3 children.  Their pets are 2 small dogs and a white Cockatoo.

Chris likes to garden.   He is also interested in space beyond the earth’s atmosphere and has a telescope.  Joan likes crafts and crocheting.  They were married 41 years on April 27th.

Joan’s cousin Don and wife, Nancy attended in their recreational vehicle. Don did the barbequing and Nancy helped with the craft.

We were at Flags City Resort in Lodi, Ca.

Thursday 4/9:   Seven members arrived.   One of them being Joe & Bonnie Dell’Orfano in their very nice new Allegro Red.

Friday 4/10: The DeBars decorated the clubhouse with white tablecloths and placed colorful miniature potted roses on the table.  They gave us the plants to take home.

Two more coaches arrived.  One of them being Steve & Gina Stephenson.  Steve has his Cochlear Implanted. Has to wait for another procedure before it can work.

Joan handed out schedules for the weekend.

We assembled breakfast casseroles for Saturdays’ breakfast.

At 6:00 PM we had a delicious homemade soup, French bread, pies, dump cake & ice cream for dessert.

Eight of us played “31” with Alyssa (one of Bachman’s granddaughters’ winning).

Saturday 4/11:   9:00am Breakfast casseroles, fruit & toast, O.J. & champagne.

10:00 meeting. Ron & Marilyn Baker came for the meeting.

2:30 a craft of making soap with melted glycerin, red, blue or yellow drops of color and drops of lavender poured in a mold. This was very good and easy.

6:00 dinner of Tri Tip, baked potatoes, kale salad, greens salad, French bread, cheese cake & cherry crumble.

7:03pm *   HE’S BACK!  ELVIS was in the house!  What a nice Surprise!

Joan rolled back the divider for another club on the other side to enjoy the entertainment also.

Elvis sang and joked around the audience.  Be on the lookout for pictures!   As Joan put on her schedule “HAVING FUN!”       Elaine, reporting.


Information for the Allegro Club. The owners' club of Tiffin Motorhomes.

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