Merry Christmas from the Allegro Golden Bears !!!

The Allegro Golden Bears, Chapter 38, just completed our annual Christmas Outing to Jackson Rancheria. The rv park is fully decorated for Christmas.





Basically, this is a five-day food fest.  Most of the 17 rigs arrived on Wednesday and  decorated their motorhomes with lights and outdoor blowups.  We gathered for a delicious Mexican meal at the El Torino restaurant.  On Thursday, we battled a full day of rain, but that did not keep us from heading out to pizza at the Gold Dust Pizza Place in Sutter Creek.  Friday, as usual, the men in the club made us  breakfast, and they went all out.  We had pancakes, 3 different kinds of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and fruit.  We were too full to move but still managed to have our meeting and elect our new officers for the next year.  We enjoyed the day visiting with our friends while our avid jigsaw puzzlers were hard at work..  In the evening we enjoyed delicious hot soup and appetizers and lots of Christmas treats.

Our annual Christmas Dinner was held on Saturday evening, catered by Thomi’s which is now called the Highway House.  Frank, the owner,  provided us with a wonderful prime rib and salmon dinner in a lovely decorated room.  We enjoyed a rowdy Christmas gift exchange in which we could either pick a gift or steal someone else’s.  Special guests for the evening  were Phillip, Sorena and Matt Hollingsworth.

Sunday our hosts provided us with pastries from Andrea’s Pastry shop in Amador City and we ended the evening back at the Highway House to indulge in Frank’s delicious onion soup with our dinner.

The Allegro Golden Bears wish all the other chapters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Happy Trails to all of you.


Correction note for First 2017 rally.

A correction was made to the Tiffin Sideroads post from this morning. Registration is TUESDAY, November 1, 2016 (not Monday, November 1st). The post was edited, but we wanted to make sure all club members were aware of the change. Please make a note of it so there’s no confusion. Thank you.

Tiffin Allegro Club


The Tiffin Allegro Club is announcing a new chapter.  Chapter #219, the Natural State Allegros, from the state of Arkansas, was organized on September 27, 2016. The response, for a new chapter in this area, was very positive.  There were 12 unit couples represented at this meeting.  Others responded to start a new chapter; however they could not make the meeting due to prior engagements. The excitement, of getting this chapter started, was evident with the instant camaraderie among attendees. Seems this will be an active and fun group.

This new chapter welcomes your inquiries for membership. If you have any questions, please contact the Chapter President.

Chapter #219

Natural State Allegros

President: Joan Smith


Ph: 479/849-6860


Calling All Veterans !!!

Calling all veterans!  If you are a veteran and will be in Red Bay from mid-October until early November, we would love to invite you to participate in our local Veterans Day activities.  Over six days during this period, the local American Legion post will host veteran lead activities for area schools.  During these six days over 1200 students and teachers will attend a Veterans program at Cypress Cove Farm, home of Alabama Representative Johnny Mack Morrow.

Students first attend a general assembly where they are welcomed by Representative Morrow.  They then break into smaller groups and travel through 6 stations where a veteran will address the small group.  The veteran can talk about his or her experiences, discuss respect for the flag, the correct way to thank a veteran, travel experiences, why they joined the military, etc.  Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes.  We have a dedicated group of veterans in the Red Bay area that participate in this program annually.  However, the American Legion is anxious to also include other veterans!  We are honored to salute our many Tiffin owners who have served our nation.  If your travel plans bring you to Red Bay during this time, you are invited to participate in this wonderful program.  Call the Tiffin Allegro Club at 256-356-8522 for more details!  Spouses & guests are welcome also.

In addition to the programs held at Cypress Cove Farm, the students and faculty of Red Bay High School honors all veterans with a luncheon and program at the high school gymnasium on November 9th.  The flags of each branch of the service and the United States flag will be presented.  Students sing songs or present a patriotic skit and the Red Bay Tiger Band will play.  If you will be in Red Bay on November 9th, let us know at the club office and we will submit your name to the school personnel that organizes this program.   Again, spouses & guests are welcome.

We are honored to have so many veterans as members of our Tiffin family.  Thank you for your service!  God bless you!

New T-Shirt Available



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