Correction note for First 2017 rally.

A correction was made to the Tiffin Sideroads post from this morning. Registration is TUESDAY, November 1, 2016 (not Monday, November 1st). The post was edited, but we wanted to make sure all club members were aware of the change. Please make a note of it so there’s no confusion. Thank you.

Tiffin Allegro Club


The Tiffin Allegro Club is announcing a new chapter.  Chapter #219, the Natural State Allegros, from the state of Arkansas, was organized on September 27, 2016. The response, for a new chapter in this area, was very positive.  There were 12 unit couples represented at this meeting.  Others responded to start a new chapter; however they could not make the meeting due to prior engagements. The excitement, of getting this chapter started, was evident with the instant camaraderie among attendees. Seems this will be an active and fun group.

This new chapter welcomes your inquiries for membership. If you have any questions, please contact the Chapter President.

Chapter #219

Natural State Allegros

President: Joan Smith


Ph: 479/849-6860


New T-Shirt Available



Available in long sleeve or short sleeve styles

Adult sizes Small – 3XL

Tiffin logo on front with the design on back

$12 for short sleeve

$18 for long sleeve

($4 upcharge for 2XL & 3XL)


For best selection, call the Tiffin Allegro Club today at 256-356-8522!


W.C. Handy Music Festival – July 22nd – 31st




W.C. Handy Festival, Florence Alabama

If you are traveling through the northwest corner of Alabama in July, take note of the W. C. Handy Festival in Florence, Alabama. The last 10 days of July each year are dedicated to this musical event – located 50 miles northeast of the Tiffin Motorhomes facility. W. C. Handy (1873-1958) was born in Florence and went on to become known as the “Father of the Blues”.   He was an American blues composer and musician best known for playing the trumpet and cornet, but he also played the piano, guitar and sang. In 1958 a movie about his life, St. Louis Blues, was released starring Nat “King” Cole, Pearl Bailey, Mahalia Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald. Some of Handy’s better known compositions are “Memphis Blues, “Saint Louis Blues”, Beale Street Blues, and “Ole Miss Rag”. The log cabin of Handy’s birth has been preserved near downtown Florence. After a lifetime of touring the world, Handy died in New York City in 1958. Over 25,000 people attended his funeral in Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church and over 150,000 people gathered in the streets near the church to pay their respects.


In 1982 the Handy Festival was originally designed to promote area businesses; therefore, the ten day long series of primarily music events occurs in and around the Florence/Shoals area. Restaurants, stores, and other businesses host concerts and activities throughout the festival. With approximately 200 events, there is something for everyone. For a full schedule of dates and events, go to .   The Handy Music Festival has been selected as a Top Ten Event in Alabama and a Top Twenty event in the Southeast since 1986. If you are in the area between July 22 & 31, 2016 – don’t miss this exciting event!

Coon Dog Cemetery – an interesting stop near Red Bay, AL

IMG_8611 (7)

The Tiffin Allegro Club wants to make your visit to Red Bay a memorable one.   Guests visit Red Bay for numerous reasons – #1 taking the Tiffin plant tour, but also to receive service work or watch their new coach travel down the assembly line. While you’re here, we encourage you to visit our surrounding area. To help you plan your visit, we will publish a short series of articles on Tiffin Sideroads over the next few weeks that will highlight some of our interesting attractions.

IMG_5296 (2)

One of the most unique and talked about attractions is the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard aka Coondog Cemetery. More information can be found at . This is the only cemetery of its kind in the world. Only Coon Hounds are allowed to be buried here. To qualify for burial, where over 185 coon dogs have been laid to rest, it has been said that three requirements must be met:

  • The owner must claim their pet is an authentic coon dog.
  • A witness must declare the deceased is a coon dog.
  • A member of the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard, Inc. must be allowed to view the coonhound and declare it as such.

“We have stipulations on this thing,” said the late O’Neal Bolton, former caretaker of the Coon Dog Graveyard. “A dog can’t run no deer, possum—nothing like that. He’s got to be a straight coon dog, and he’s got to be full hound. Couldn’t be a mixed up breed dog, a house dog.”


IMG_9580 (2)

Each Labor Day, the Friends of the Coondog Cemetery host a celebration at the cemetery. Entertainment includes music, dancing, food and a liar’s contest. Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Official Coon Dog T-shirts, Cemetery Pins, and Camouflage Caps are available to purchase. Tiffin owners are welcome to visit the cemetery anytime. From Red Bay, travel east on Ala Hwy 24 to Ala Hwy 247 North. Go north on Ala Hwy 247 for 12 miles. Turn west on Coondog Cemetery Road and follow the signs. Again, for more information, visit their website at . Pictures courtesy of Tiffin owner, John Mitchell.

IMG_1938 (2)






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