A Post from a Proud Owner : “Our fearless East coast trip in our 1983 Allegro RV.”


My name is Sabrina Pendergrast and I thought I might share with you a note about our “bucket list” trip of a lifetime that ended up including an impromptu roadside purchase of a 1983 Allegro. My Husband and I have two sons whom are both in college in Ohio, which is where we are from  and where this journey began. After much talk about “we’re going to do this, want to see that, etc.” as many people often do, We decided the timing was right for us to just do it already! We listed our home for sale, and in the same week, on a trip to the local Walmart, we came upon a big brown 1983 Allegro. $5000 or best offer the sign read. We pulled up and my husband,(much to my dismay) took a look inside and under the hood and proclaimed that “This is it! Our new home!”

We purchased it five weeks before the sale of our home. My husband and a mechanically inclined friend proceeded to go over it to make sure it would be as road ready as possible for what was to come next….A road trip that began in the northwest corner of Ohio and took us all the way into Canada and down the entire East Coast. We painted it yellow (so it would be prettier) and took to the road.


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We have been to Niagara Falls, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and many other tourist destinations as well as many beautiful state parks that were unexpected stops. We have seen things that take your breath away, and were able to do so because of this 33-year-old RV that I didn’t think would make it across the street let alone 4500 miles we’ve driven so far. We have met many interesting and wonderful people along the way, many of which are driving Allegros, albeit, newer, much larger models.

When we first started out, I was embarrassed by the old girl, but I’ve since learned to be proud of her. It seems many people are smitten with this older model and  often approach us with questions and even want to see inside. They tell tales of their first RV, or how their grandparents had one just like it.


We are in Key West Florida now which is nearing the end of this journey on the East Coast. I thought that Tiffin should know that you’ve made a believer out of this former “high maintenance” broad. This is a testament to your product and to the craftsmanship, as the only thing we’ve had to replace on this entire trip so far is some old hoses, a couple of belts and three tires!


Thank you for allowing us to cash in on what most people never get around to doing, and for giving us great stories to tell the grandchildren someday when that time comes. We’ve noticed that we are always the youngest people in the park, but have the oldest RV. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thank you again,

Jason and Sabrina Pendergrast


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