Pelican Allegros of Louisiana celebrate Christmas


Whoooee, that Gaston sure lit up the sky to guide the PALs to a wonderful Christmas party the weekend of December 1-4 at Lakeside RV Park in Livingston, LA.  We had 21 coaches which arriving Thursday and Friday.  Attendees included the Boreys, Brians, Browers, Chapitals, Cheramies, Coles, Darbonnes, Garys, Griffins, Heberts, Holliers, Lams, Louvieres, Miesches, Raybons, Schnebelens, Sullivans, Toups, Trahans, Tregres, and Youngs.  Thursday evening we gathered in the big pavilion for great hors d’ oeuvres and fellowship.

Friday, folks visited and worked on projects on their coaches.  As the sun set we roosted at the big pavilion to enjoy Gus’s fantastic chicken and sausage gumbo and many sides.  Because many of the girls wanted to go to the area arts and craft shows on Saturday Dwight held the meeting while we were already gathered.  The meeting was called to order with the first item being old business and Allegro Club’s request to survey the interest in starting another Louisiana chapter.  Dwight said that the survey was not completed yet but emphasized that we would help another chapter get started.  The first order of new business was the election of officers for 2017.  Approved unanimously by acclimation the 2017 PALs officers are Dwight Brower, President; Gus Cheramie, Vice President; Liz Miesch, Wagon Master; Stacie Raybon, Treasurer; Lonnie Louviere, Secretary.  The Treasury report was $2223.84.  2017 dues of $25  are due and are being accepted.  Debbie discussed the upcoming outings listed below and then the meeting was adjourned.   A big club thank you to Debbie for all her hard work as Wagon Master for the last three years.

Saturday morning brought a gray day with the increased threat of rain but that didn’t slow down the girls who took off in many directions to enjoy the various craft shows and shopping opportunities for deals that they could not pass up.  After lunch those that had not gone shopping began decorating the meeting room and preparing for the evening feast.  By the time the girls returned the decorating was done and the food was well on its way.  Around 5:00 we started circling the area as if the water was boiling with bait fish and enjoying stories of the day’s deeds. At 6:00 the fried turkeys were pulled from the pots and placed among the bountiful feast.  We fell in line like dive bombers ready to roll in on target.  While enjoying all of the food that was so generously provided by our members the room fell awfully quiet. Then with the jingle of the bells breaking the quiet enjoyment of the feast the announcement that the game of Dirty Santa was beginning.  The game grew in fervor as a pelican that resembled cousin Boudreaux flew around the room several times.  Not to be out done, in the magic of Christmas, a pair of mugs imprinted with PALs 2016 and many other items followed suit.  Full as ticks on a hound dog we all waddled back to our coaches to lay our heads on the pillow.

Sunday morning brought rainy weather which made leaving the group even more problematic.  We all had a great time and missed those who could not make it.




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